User Data Store

The UserDataStore component can be used to easily save and load user control configuration data from Rewired. This component is a base class which you can extend to support any data storage format you like.

Rewired also comes with a UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs component complete with source code which you can use as a template for designing your own custom data storage system using any storage medium (database, binary files, etc.). The UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs component can also be used directly in your game and will store your user data in Unity's PlayerPrefs.


Just add a component derived from UserDataStore (such as UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs) to your Rewired Input Manager Game Object. When the Rewired Input Manager initializes, it will automatically initialize the UserDataStore component and make a reference to it accessible via the ReInput.UserDataStore property.

If you need to add any custom members to your UserDataStore-based class, you can do so and simply cast the returned IUserDataStore object from ReInput.userDataStore to your concrete class and then access your custom members.

// A custom class that extends UserDataStore
public class MyUserDataStore : Rewired.Data.UserDataStore {
    // Implement all required methods...
    public void MyCustomMethod() {
        // do something

// In your code that calls your custom method
(ReInuput.userDataStore as MyUserDataStore).MyCustomMethod(); // cast to concrete class and call the custom method



This is a user data storage component that uses Unity's PlayerPrefs class for storing data. Whenever a controller is attached, if any data has been saved before for that controller, it will be loaded from PlayerPrefs. If the user has customized his control mappings, these will be loaded on a per-player, per-controller basis. Controller calibration settings and customized Input Behavior settings will also be loaded. Data will be saved manually when Save() is called or automatically when a controller is disconnected from the system.

If "Load Data on Start" is checked in the inspector, all controller data will be loaded at the beginning of the session. This is useful if you want the player's last settings to be loaded automatically for any controllers already attached to the system at runtime.

Data that is saved and loaded

UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs does not take a snapshot of the entire current Player state.

Saved data does not include:

  1. The current list of what Controller Maps are loaded in the Player.
  2. The enabled state of these Controller Maps.

UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs saves:

  1. Joystick calibration settings for attached Joysticks.
  2. Input Behavior settings for each Player.
  3. Bindings for each Controller Map found in each Player.
  4. Optionally, controller assignments for mouse, keyboard, and joysticks for each Player.

UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs loads:

  1. Joystick calibration settings for attached Joysticks.
  2. Input Behavior settings for each Player.
  3. All saved Controller Maps found for each Player.
  4. Optionally, controller assignments for mouse, keyboard, and joysticks for each Player.

If you need to save which Controller Maps are currently assigned to a Player, for example if you've manually loaded an alternate layout at some point and you want that new layout to be loaded the next time you call UserDataStore.Load instead of the default defined in the Rewired Input Manager, you will have to make a new UserDataStore class extension that can handle these special needs. Copy the UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs, change the class name, and make any modifications necessary to what data is saved and loaded.

IMPORTANT: Saved XML data is not updated when you make changes to the Rewired Input Manager

UserDataStore does not manage changes between the Rewired Input Manager and data that is already saved to XML. If you make changes to the Rewired Input Manager settings such as adding new controls to a Joystick Map, these new changes will not be preserved when loading saved XML data. The only automated solutions would be to either clear the save data by clearing Player Prefs so that the Rewired Input Manager defaults are used instead or load the default maps in the Player for the any controllers that changed and save those to XML overwriting the existing saved mappings.

Management of saved user data is up to the developer. If you have special needs beyond the basic use cases, you should extend and replace the UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs component with a new UserDataStore component that meets your specific needs.


During development, you may run into a situation where your controls don't seem to make sense. This may happen when you make some runtime control changes, save them, and then proceed to change your mappings in the Rewired Input Manager. Because UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs is configured to save controller data on disconnect and load controller data on start and controller connect, the loaded settings will override new changes you make to the default mappings in the Rewired Input Manager.

During development, it may be useful to disable or remove the UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs component. If you've already saved controller settings and want to remove them, you can use the Clear All Player Prefs button in the Debug Options foldout on the UserDataStore_PlayerPrefs inspector. WARNING: This will clear ALL PlayerPrefs data for the current project. This is due to the limitation that there is no way to look up what keys exist in PlayerPrefs.