Layouts are the second level of categorization of Controller Maps. Each Controller Map belongs to one Map Category and one Layout. The combination of the two serves to identify the Controller Map when selecting a Controller Map in the Rewired Editor or from the API.

Layouts are specific to each controller type and are not shared by all controller types as Map Categories are.

A Layout simply provides a way to retrieve a particular Controller Map in a particular Map Category. All modification, enabling/disabling, and other processes are done on the Controller Map, not the Layout. You could think of a Layout a sort of a tag -- it helps you get the Controller Map you want to work with in the right Map Category. To learn about working with Controller Maps, see the Controller Maps page.

One possible use of a Layout would be to have alternate map layouts for a controller. For example, you may have several pre-defined alternate controller layouts such as: Default, Inverted, Leftie, Classic, etc. You could choose to load a specific layout based on the player's choice.

Layouts could also be used as simply another categorization level. For example, for a shared controller such as the keyboard, it may be useful to have specific layouts for each player. Your Map Categories could be Default, System, Menu, Infantry, Vehicle, etc. to organize your maps by game mode, while your layouts could be System, Player0, Player1, Player2, etc., to further organize your maps by player.

For any controller type, only one Controller Map may exist in a specific Map Category and Layout.

Creating and Editing Layouts:

Rewired Editor - Joystick Layouts
Rewired Editor - Keyboard Layouts
Rewired Editor - Mouse Layouts
Rewired Editor - Custom Controller Layouts

Changing between Controller Maps in different Layouts at runtime:

Controller Maps in a Player can be managed manually, or by using Layout Manager, a system that assists in managing Controller Maps by Layout.