Rewired Documentation

For Rewired version


  1. Installation - Walks you through the installation process.
  2. Quick Start - A quick guide showing how to do basic setup. All newcomers to Rewired should follow this tutorial to understand the workflow.
  3. Basic Usage - Basic guidelines for scripting.
  4. Deployment - Important notes on deplyoing your game on various platforms.
  5. Best Practices - Important guidelines on various topics.
  6. Rewired Editor - Detailed information about the Rewired Input Manager editor.
  7. API Reference - A complete reference for the Rewired scripting API.



The topics in this section are CRITICAL to understanding the Rewired system. Do not skip over these sections! The answers to the vast majority of support questions I receive on a daily basis are already clearly outlined in these topics. It is very important that you take the time to read this information and familiarize yourself with the Rewired system before contacting support for basic usage and conceptual questions.

Support issues:

Debug Information is the single most powerful tool to figure out why "it doesn't work." Use it. It allows you to visualize every single Rewired object in the system at runtime including Controller Maps and bindings. Before contacting support asking why something doesn't work, debug your issue using Debug Information.






How To's:






Unity Help: