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Controller Properties

The Controller type exposes the following members.

Public propertybuttonCount
The Button count in the controller.
Public propertyButtonElementIdentifiers
Gets a list of all Button element identifiers. There is always one element identifier per Button which is at the same index as the corresponding Button.
Public propertyButtons
List of Buttons in this controller.
Public propertydeviceInstanceGuid
The unique persistent instance GUID of this device. This is an id generated for the device that may stay constant between application sessions and system restarts. This can be used for device assignment persistence between runs. The specific platform and input sources in use affects the reliability of this value for device assignment persistence. A value of Guid.Empty means the device or input source has no reliable unique identifier so persistant assignment isn't possible using this value. Even if a Guid is provided, reliability when multiple identical controllers are attached depends greatly on the platform and input source(s) currently in use.
Public propertyelementCount
The Element count in the controller.
Public propertyElementIdentifiers
Gets a list of all element identifiers of all types.
Public propertyElements
List of all Elements in this controller.
Public propertyenabled
Is the controller enabled? Disabled controllers return no input.
Public propertyextension
Gets an object used to access controller and platform-specific controller functions.
Public propertyhardwareIdentifier
String of information from the controller used for identifying unknown controller maps for saving/loading.
Public propertyhardwareName
The name the controller hardware returns.
Public propertyhardwareTypeGuid
The Rewired GUID associated with this device. A GUID of all zeros is an Unknown Controller.
Public propertyidentifier
Gets identifying information about the Controller.
Public propertyisConnected
Is the controller connected?
Public propertymapTypeString
String representation of the controller map type. Can be used for saving/loading.
Public propertyname
The name of the controller. This is drawn from the controller definition for recognized controllers. For unrecognized controllers, the name returned by the hardware is used instead.
Public propertytag
The tag assigned to the controller. Can be used for find a controller by tag.
Public propertytemplateCount
The Template count in the controller.
Public propertyTemplates
The Controller Templates that the Controller implements.
Public propertytype
The type of this controller.
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