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InputMapperOptions Class

Configuration options for the InputMapper.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Rewired
Assembly:  Rewired_Core (in Rewired_Core.dll) Version: (
public class Options

The InputMapperOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodInputMapperOptions
Creates a new Options with default values.
Public propertyallowAxes
Should axes be polled for user input?
Public propertyallowButtons
Should buttons be polled for user input?
Public propertyallowButtonsOnFullAxisAssignment
Should buttons be polled when making a full-axis assignment? If allowed, buttons will be assigned to the positive axis range of the Action. If not allowed, button input will be ignored when making a full-axis assignment.
Public propertyallowKeyboardKeysWithModifiers
Should modifier key + key combinations be allowed for keyboard mappings? Otherwise, only individual key mappings will be allowed.
Public propertyallowKeyboardModifierKeyAsPrimary
Should keyboard modifier keys be allowed as the primary key for the Action?
Public propertycheckForConflicts
Should assignment conflict checking be enabled?
Public propertycheckForConflictsWithAllPlayers
Should assignment conflicts be checked with all Players? This setting overrides all other checkForConflictsWith options.
Public propertycheckForConflictsWithPlayerIds
A list of Player Ids to check for assignment conflicts with.
Public propertycheckForConflictsWithSelf
Should assignment conflicts be checked with the current Player?
Public propertycheckForConflictsWithSystemPlayer
Should assignment conflicts be checked with the System Player?
Public propertydefaultActionWhenConflictFound
When an assignment conflict is found, if there is no event listener for the ConflictsFoundEvent, the default action defined here will be used to resolve the conflict.
Public propertyholdDurationToMapKeyboardModifierKeyAsPrimary
If both allowKeyboardKeysWithModifiers and allowKeyboardModifierKeyAsPrimary are true, the modifier key must be held down for this duration in seconds before it will be accepted as a primary key assignment. This is used to allow the user to be able to map modifier key + key combinations while also allowing them to map modifier keys as the primary key.
Public propertyignoreMouseXAxis
Should the the mouse X axis be ignored when polling for user input?
Public propertyignoreMouseYAxis
Should the the mouse Y axis be ignored when polling for user input?
Public propertyisElementAllowedCallback
A callback used to determine whether a particular controller element is allowed for mapping. Set this if you want to manually disallow specific controller elements from being used.
Public propertytimeout
The time in seconds that the mapper will listen before stopping. [0 = no timeout]
Public methodClone
Creates a shallow copy of this object.
Public methodStatic memberCopy
Copies data from one Options to another.
Public methodToString (Overrides ObjectToString.)
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