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ControllerHelper Properties

The ReInputControllerHelper type exposes the following members.

Public propertycontrollerCount
The number of controllers of all types currently connected.
Public propertyControllers
Gets a collection of connected controllers of all types.
Public propertycustomControllerCount
The number of custom controllers
Public propertyCustomControllers
Get a collection of connected custom controllers.
Public propertyjoystickCount
The number of joysticks currently connected.
Public propertyJoysticks
Get a collection of connected joysticks.
Public propertyKeyboard
Gets the primary Keyboard controller.
Public propertykeyboardEnabled Obsolete.
Enabled or disables keyboard input processing. Disabling keyboard input can improve performance on mobile devices. Also useful for joystick games on Android where certain joystick buttons return keyboard keycodes. Disabling keyboard input on Android will still allow certain keyboard keys to return values if triggered by a button press on a joystick, but no keyboard maps will ever be processed.
Public propertyMouse
Gets the primary Mouse controller.
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