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ReInputMappingHelperGetKeyboardMapInstanceSavedOrDefault Method (Int32, String, String)

Gets a copy of a Keyboard Map. This can be used to view the Controller Map saved in user data if available or the default Controller Map setup in the Rewired Input Manager. The Controller Map will be first loaded from UserDataStore. If none is found, it will be loaded from the Rewired Input Manager defaults. UserDataStore must implement IControllerMapStore or data cannot be loaded from saved user data.

Namespace:  Rewired
Assembly:  Rewired_Core (in Rewired_Core.dll) Version: (
public KeyboardMap GetKeyboardMapInstanceSavedOrDefault(
	int playerId,
	string mapCategoryName,
	string layoutName


Type: SystemInt32
The Player id. This is used when loading from UserDataStore.
Type: SystemString
Map Category Name
Type: SystemString
Layout Name

Return Value

Type: KeyboardMap
Keyboard Map
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