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ReInputMappingHelperGetFirstJoystickTemplateElementIdentifier Method

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Gets the first template Element Identifier on the first joystick template found that maps to the joystick's Element Identifier. NOTE: It is discouraged to use this method as the mapping template system wasn't designed for this use. This method has been added as a short-term solution to the problem of trying to identify controller elements as generic Gamepad elements for use in displaying visual help to users. A better solution will be available in the future and this method will be deprecated at that time.

Namespace:  Rewired
Assembly:  Rewired_Core (in Rewired_Core.dll) Version: (
[ObsoleteAttribute("This method has been deprecated. Use the Controller Template system instead.", 
public ControllerElementIdentifier GetFirstJoystickTemplateElementIdentifier(
	Joystick joystick,
	int joystickElementIdentifierId


Type: RewiredJoystick
The joystick
Type: SystemInt32
The joystick element identifier id.

Return Value

Type: ControllerElementIdentifier
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